Since 1895 The Diehl Funeral Home & Cremation Center has dedicated its years of service to assisting families in creating the most meaningful service for their loved ones.  We understand the overwhelming burden of losing a loved one. Understanding your wishes, with respect, has been one of our main focuses at all times.  We believe that our job is to provide you with more than just a superb professional funeral service but also to provide you with a quality service that is superior to none.   We know what it is like to seek trust from an individual or company.  We would like to have the opportunity to prove to you that you can trust us.  We pride ourselves on our word, responsiveness, effectiveness, quality and customer satisfaction.  For over 115 years we have been standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients and providing them with guidance, compassion, and support.  The services listed within the pages of this web site are a small part of what we have to offer. At the Diehl Funeral Home we are creative, innovative and inventive.  Understanding your needs and wishes are as important to us as they are to you.  We pride ourselves on keeping an open mind with listening ears for what pleases you.   We have lived and walked in shoes like yours and, because we know what it is like, we feel as though we know what it takes to be the funeral home that cares enough to offer the finest in services that anyone could request.  As we embark on another century of service, let me assure you that we will continue to maintain or surpass the ethical, professional and caring service that we have been known to provide.  We realize these are written words, but we hope you will allow us to show you the actions that stand behind these words.

Thank you for visiting us today,


Michael Gladfelter


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