Cremation Options

As in any service of memorialization, cremation is not for everyone. Cremation is a form of final disposition. The reason for selecting cremation varies with each individual. For some it may be an environmental issue, for others it may be the satisfaction of the natural process while others may prefer its’ simplicity. Considering the mobile society in which we live, cremation may be an alternative to a permanent site in a cemetery. Because your choice is important to you, it would be only fair to discuss your choice with your family and loved ones. There are those who may be reluctant to accept any service that would be an alternative to earth burial. Many individuals are unaware that you can have a viewing and funeral service before cremation.

Cremation Process

Pennsylvania law requires the following for cremation: signature of authorization from the immediate next of kin prior to the cremation process, permission granted by the County Coroner after a 24 hour waiting period from the time of death. An individual must be delivered to the crematory in a cremation container. This container may be constructed of various different materials: a fiber board container or casket, cloth covered casket, hardwood casket or solid wood casket. Keep in mind that the container must be constructed of a material that can be consumed during the cremation process. For sanitary reasons individuals are not permitted to be delivered wrapped in a sheet. The cremation device is designed to service only one person at a time. The cremation process will transform human remains to bone fragments by intense heat. Following the cremation the bone fragments are processed and placed in an urn for final disposition.

Finally, any decision about your funeral arrangements should reflect you as an individual and the way in which you lived your life, but should also be one that is satisfactory to your family and loved ones as well. We at the Diehl Funeral Home & Cremation Center, Inc., remain committed to you and the community. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

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