Sculptured Bronze Urn

Urns are manufactured in various types of materials.  Examples, but not limited to, are cast bronze, sheet bronze, wood, marble, stainless steel and bio-degradable.  Some of the urns are of a very simple design while others are works of art that could be displayed in your home.  The detail and design of many of the urns are so beautiful that friends and relatives wouldn’t know that it holds the cremated cremains of your loved one.  Choosing an urn is a personal choice.  Your selection should represent your style or perhaps it could be an expression of your life lived. 


The urn is a vessel in which the cremated cremains are held securely until they meet their final disposition.  Most cemeteries require an urn vault for earth burial when burying the urn.  The reason for this requirement is to support the earth around the urn.  Urns are not designed to support the earth or the heavy earth moving equipment that travels from grave to grave.  You may also like to place your urn in a niche inside a columbarium.  A columbarium is a building which holds cremated cremains above ground.  Scattering is another choice of final disposition for the cremains.  However, I would caution everyone to take a great deal of time in considering this form of final disposition because it is very permanent.  Once you scatter the cremains they are not recoverable.   

Pink Urn

The Diehl Funeral Home & Cremation Center has a large private selection room of cremation products.  Everything from cremation caskets, urns, urn vaults, keepsakes to jewelry fills this selection room for your personal choice.  Most urns may be engraved with name, dates and a theme picture.  Some urns you may even place a picture of your loved one.   We pride ourselves in the fact that we give you a large selection of products to make it easy for you to create a meaningful celebration that is befitting of your loved one.




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