The Diehl Funeral Home and Cremation Center would like to educate individuals on the requirements of vaults and grave liners for burial of loved ones in your family cemetery.

Copper Linded Vault
Copper Lined Vault

Vaults and Grave liners are not a State, Federal or Local requirement.  They are the requirement of the individual cemetery.  Cemeteries require a minimum of a grave liner for each burial whether you are burying a loved one in a casket or an urn.  The reason for a vault or grave liner is to support the earth around the casket or urn.  Caskets and urns are not designed to support the earth around a casket. They also are not designed for the transportation of the earth moving equipment from grave to grave.  The cemetery would like to maintain the level of the earth in the cemetery for maintenance purposes during the mowing season and also when family members are searching for the grave of a loved one. 


VaultsThe difference between a vault and a grave liner is that a vault seals and grave liners do not.  Grave liners have exit holes in the bottom for the water to drain away.  Vaults are manufactured in various different types of materials.  Materials used are concrete; precious metal, metal and fiberglass.  The Diehl Funeral Home predominantly offers concrete vaults with and without liners.  The less expensive vaults do not have liners.  Vaults with liners are manufactured from fiberglass; plastic; stainless steel; copper and bronze.



Monticello Lined Vault
Monticello Lined Vault

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